Monday, January 6, 2014

Last Minute Christmas Crafting...

This year I did a little Christmas crafting for myself in making this simple garland with heart ornaments.  They are white wool hearts with red, beaded snowflakes.  I'm learning to embroider bit by bit.  Well, free hand embroidery I guess.  I finally learned the french knot by making these! My inspiration for the snowflake was this beautiful, delicate brooch I saw on A Polar Bear's Tale made by Waterrose on etsy.  I just love her delicate embroidery.

The garland is white wool wrapped twine I found at 50% off at our local craft store.  I love how simple and pretty it is.

I would love to fill our tree with hearts and these white & red wool star babies too. 

The other big craft project was making dolls for the tree house Santa brought the kids as their shared gift.  The tree house is from Magic Cabin. The furniture came from Monkeys on the Roof on etsy.  I made both boys a couple of dolls each to be the resident tree house family.  They love their tree house, it's getting played with daily.

I hate to give a bad review but I really wish I had found a source on etsy for the tree house.  It came with damaged pieces, some pieces roughly sanded, or not even finished with beeswax and not at all as pictured on the website or catalog.  The instructions on how to put it together are not helpful at all.  I really should have sent the tree house back but my littles were too excited to put it together and play with it.  I've emailed and asked Magic Cabin to replace some of the badly damaged parts & missing bolts & they have agreed to do that.  I will finish up the pieces that came rough and not waxed. 

By contrast Monkeys on the Roof furniture came exactly as pictured & exceeded my expectations.  They are sanded & polished so beautifully smooth & irresistibly touchable.  We bought the bedroom set and the table and chairs. They came in sweet, cotton bags with beautiful decorative wooden tags as well.

 Anyway, live and learn.  I'm just happy my boys are thrilled. 

Until next time...


  1. The tree house dolls you made turned out really cute! Before I made a doll house for my daughter's Christmas present I considered buying that same tree house for my little ones and now I am so glad that I didn't! I appreciate the honest review.

    Happy New Year to you and your sweet guys!

  2. Hi Rachel,

    I wish I could have made the tree house! That would have been fantastic, but I lack the tools. Happy New Year to you as well!



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