Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Daily Rhythm & chart

Ever since I visited the lovely Aurora Waldorf school in NY, I've wanted to make this Daily Rhythm chart that I saw there.  (notice their chore chart to the left with names on clothes pins.  A good idea maybe for large families or those with older children.)

I made mine using our old watercolor paintings and changed it to suit our needs of course.

This is our morning rhythm at this time, I notice it changes slightly throughout the season for us.  Right now I'm not sure where a nature walk fits in.  I notice if I don't wake up and begin home school right after breakfast & cleanup then it's harder to get started later on, especially with Owen and his late morning crankies.  Then after our circle time and main lesson later in the day it's too hot to walk.  However, we do have lots of outdoor time in the shady backyard.  I love that this chart is flexible and can be changed and moved around when needed.


Michael, my kindergartner asks me everyday, "What are we doing today mommy?".  Now he can go to the chart and see a visual.   Monday is drawing/ coloring with beeswax crayons, Tuesday is baking day.  Wednesday is handwork and Thursday is Painting day.  He loves the little drawings and loves to go check the chart to see what day and activity it is.  I've already noticed as well that it keeps me accountable.  I have to admit, painting day has been off and on again in the past.  Now, I have no choice but to stick to it because Michael is excited about it.

The rest of our afternoon is nap time for Owen & quiet time for Michael, free play often in the backyard and handwork time for me.  We're still working on sticking to that routine.  Our day goes so much more smoothly when we do.

Our night time routine consists of bath time, "moon stretching", book and bed.  Moon stretching began this week and we LOVE it!  We have a small gated courtyard in front of our house.  One night we went out just to see the night sky and see if it was cool.  It was a beautiful night and we stood looking at the stars, I showed the boys the "Moon stretch".  It was so cute to see little 22 month old Owen stretching up to reach the moon and then bringing it down.  They loved it!  We also sang "I See the Moon", & "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", Owen likes to cuddle in tight for the songs.  Often with his cheek right against mine.  So cute!  We jump and dance around the courtyard and get our wiggles out.  This only lasts about 5 minutes or so and though it seems counter intuitive it really helps them settle down into bed when we go in.  Then we read some board books or a couple chapters of our latest "Little House" book while Owen nurses to sleep.  We have a couple of night time verses that we interchange. I'm sorry I don't remember now where I found these. I know I modified this one slightly to reflect our "chocolate eyes".  I believe it was originally "blueberry eyes".

Chocolate Eyes,(kiss eyes)
Button Nose (kiss nose),
Strawberry lips (kiss lips)
and tickly toes (tickle toes).
Off to the land of nod he goes.

(Michael always asks if it's the land of naughty and I have to tell him every time, no, the land of nod and explain the meaning.  He finds this funny.  It's become our thing.)

The other verse is

A star for you to wish on (trace a star on forehead)
The sun for warmth and light (trace a sun)
The moon for you to think on (trace a half moon)
Sweet dreams
A hug and kiss goodnight. (give a hug and kiss)

I have some other little watercolor signage I will be sharing soon.  Until next time...


  1. I so enjoyed reading this, cheers Marie

  2. This is really wonderful. I really enjoyed this post. Your daily charts and visuals look great.

  3. that is great! such a beautiful way to mark the day.

  4. oh, this is a lovely idea... i might have to adopt it :)

  5. I love this! I'm beginning to notice a rhythm to my days, though my kids are much younger. I strive to keep a rhythm, because it keeps us more grounded, and we spend more time at home, creating and playing. I love that you did it with watercolors - it turned out so beautiful. I might try something similar, but with pictures instead of words, so my 2 and half year old can use it.

  6. Your illustrations on the chart are so sweet! +Chelsea

  7. I love this! I love the idea of gentle rhythums to each day.
    And the two lullaby rhymes are such a perfect way to close the day.

  8. What a great post! So inspiring!!

  9. So lovely! Just wondering: is this what people call a "four day schedule"? I mean, is Friday part of the weekend every week? I'm just starting out this Fall doing Waldorf kindergarten at home so some of these concepts are quite new to me!

  10. So beautiful and organized - it screams me! I want to imitate your daily charts AND your moon stretching. Love, love, love it.

    I will link up when I mention the moon stretching. Thank you. I am glad to have found your blog.


  11. Oh I just found your blog! This is a great post! I was looking for chore charts! So happy to found your blog!

  12. I´m Rosa,from Spain,Gran Canaria Island, your blog is very beautiful,I´m so happy to meet it,becouse my child is 4 years, and now we can´t go to her kinder Waldorf, and i want to have a rhythm,and I do,nt know to use acuarela,or what colours are good to do Daily Rhythm chart,and your blog is an inspiration for me thanks very much,and sorry for my bad english.

  13. Hi Becca, just wanted to let you know I've also been inspired to make a weekly rhythm chart because of you x


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