Friday, January 3, 2014

A Peaceful Christmas...

Christmas was beautiful here, how about yours?

This year I made a real effort to not get caught up in all the things that make mothers a little crazy around holiday time.  As Advent began I felt a little stressed with my shop and all that comes with a busy holiday season. So my theme this year became, "relax".  Which may be why I'm just getting around to posting pictures.

I didn't do much of the usual stuff.  We did meaningful things like focusing on Advent, our star ladder, a peaceful bedtime routine and reading special Christmas books. We went to a fun cookie decorating party.  We made one batch of cookies ourselves, frosting them all white.  Husband and I made a ham dinner for Christmas and a sunshine cheesecake.  Christmas shopping was done almost completely online and I tried to keep it fairly simple.  I closed my shop a week before Christmas and worked on crafting for us.  It was nice and I took time to enjoy it.

My Mom and I always seem to be on the same wave length.  This year her Christmas card said, "Believe" on the cover and inside she wrote in part "The gift of Christmas was never meant to be stressing over packages, decorations or cookies...".  Yes, yes, yes!  I hope to continue to simplify our Christmas celebrations through out the years and pass on a spirit of peacefulness at Christmas time. Because a stressed out Mama never helped anyone!  Some goals for the future are to simplify our gift giving even more and get the kids more involved in giving.

The one thing I always seem to stress over is the mess after the fact.  The Christmas decor seems like too much almost immediately after Christmas and I fight the urge to tear it all down and throw the Christmas tree out the door.  Ha, ha, always room for improvement.

How were your holidays? 

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  1. Happy New Year! I too tried to do things differently this year with the holidays. I didn't knit any gifts this year and said no to some last minute Christmas order requests in my Etsy shop which I have never done before, I didn't remake our advent mitten garland when I couldn't find it. I also didn't freak out the week after Christmas crafting and cleaning like mad woman to get ready for my son's Birthday. For the first time in 6 years we had a peaceful slow week between Christmas and New Years Day(my son's B-day). I always put too much last minute crafting pressure on myself for the holidays and although crafting is fun, it isn't when you feel overwhelmed by it. Wishing you a wonderful New year filled with any blessings and much love!


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