Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Picture Outtakes

Me: Let's take a nice Christmas picture for our family boys.
Owen: Look Mom I'm a dog! 

Michael: Nothing cutsie!

Michael: You're touching me...grrr...
Owen: Look, a bird!

Owen: Look a bug!

Michael: I am so annoyed with you right now.

Michael: Stop touching me Owen! 

Michael: Let's just smile really big and get this over with!

 Michael: Something we can agree on.  Cat: Hold me a second longer and I'll scratch out your eyes.

This is as good as it gets, Merry Christmas 2013!

(hmmm, I think I like the cat picture best.  What do you think friends?  Seriously, there are two decent ones out of thirty!)


  1. Definitely the cat photo (though I'm also fond of the "look a bird" photo -- it's a nice one!)

  2. PS Two decent ones out of 30 is pretty good. Our odds tend to be one good one out of 200 (though this year, we were extra silly for our holiday photo and got several fun ones...)

  3. I chose the cat one too. I love how Michael's eyes immediately softened when he picked her up. Too cute! Can't wait to see your Holiday photos! Happy Holidays!

  4. Too funny! I love the photos and the commentary. Without doubt, the cat photo is my fave. The two boys looking so beautiful and sweet, the cat looking highly irritated and ready to maul, but the boys' expressions! Melt my heart. That is love.

    Happy holidays!


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