Monday, August 22, 2011

A Donsy of Gnomes & needle felting!

I've started crafting for our home school year which begins very soon in September.  My goal is to have my crafts & story props finished a couple of weeks or a month ahead of time.  This little gnome is my first real foray in needle felting.  I've needle felted accents on my dolls & made 2 very tiny & simple needle felted gnomes, (like an inch tall) but that's as far as I had taken it.  I was surprised at how long this little guy took, but he was well worth the effort.

This year I will be dispersing seven stories throughout our year from the book, A Donsy of Gnomes.  I can't wait to begin telling them, they are beautiful & gentle stories full of qualities like kindness, love, helpfulness & generosity.  I can't say enough positive things about them.  I'm not sure who this little gnome is yet, maybe "Mossy".  I started out trying to create "Pebbles" but than he whispered his favorite colors to me and I found in the end he is just not a "Pebbles".  I'll try again next time and we'll see who comes forth.

I made him from instructions in the book.  (yes, the book even has a few gnome craft ideas, storytelling ideas and a recipe!) He has bendy arms and legs.  I think I made his head a little too large which confused my dimensions.  So for my next gnome I will make his arms much longer because I like his size. This gnomes' arms look quite short & silly to me.

Regardless of who he is, (I'm sure he'll tell me his name soon) he will help me tell one of the seven stories this year.

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  1. Oh, I love it! So sweet, and his face is so friendly :)

  2. he is adorable! you are such a talented gal! ;)

  3. Way to go, I haven't tried my hand at felting people. He looks awesome. I'm really interested in hearing more about these tales of kindness, love & helpfulness. I love integrating those sort of stories into my days with the little ones.

  4. Great job!! I love needle felting, and as the weather starts shifting to fall, it becomes one of my favorite things to do. Your gnome turned out wonderfully!!

  5. Love him! The same thing happened to me as well when I needlefelted the first gnome, ha ha. The kids didn't seem to mind though because they immediately requested their own. I am using one of the stories for our Kindy...loved them so much, we didn't want the book to end!

  6. That's a very handsome looking gnome! I also always struggle with the proportions, somehow my heads are always a little big and arms too long when I needlefelt :) But if you are planning to make seven of them, I am sure by the third one you will be a pro! Good start!

  7. You have done a spectacular job on him...well done. I hope my first try at something so intricate works so well. Off to look at teh book now. Cheers.

  8. He looks like my grandpa, I like him!!

  9. Kristen LanglaisJuly 9, 2012 at 4:11 AM

    I too have used this book throughout our first year of homeschooling (my girls will be in 2nd grade and K this fall) and I can't tell you how much the stories are loved here in our house. I also needle felted all the gnomes and the other characters in the stories. When I told the last story at the summer solstice, my girls cried! They thought that since the book had ended and all the stories had been told, it was the end of the gnomes! I tried to reassure them that we'll start the stories again at late summer! But, oh, the tears! Now my girls look for Mossy and Brother Acorn in the woods and it is so sweet to see how they connected to these tales. I also used the book at the end of our 1st grade year to teach word families and reading simple words and also making sentences with words from the stories. It was all part of our final nature block. What a treasure!!

  10. Hello, As the author of A Donsy of Gnomes my heart is warmed to see that you brought these wonderful felted gnomes into your children's lives. They are utterly delightful!
    By the way, it is quite alright if their heads end up a bit large. Thank you so for your sweet comments about the book. It was a magical time when those little men whispered their stories to me for me to write down. I remain open for more stories to come to pass on to you all. Warmly, Sigi

    1. Thank so much for visiting! We really love our little gnome and this book & would love more stories!


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