Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Fun...


Happy Belated Easter! We had such a beautiful day yesterday.  The morning began with two, little boys waking and trying really hard not to be too loud.  It was quite cute!  My husband and I asked that they not wake us up until it was light outside so, they were quietly talking in their room.  When I woke and came out with my camera to capture their wonder, I heard my eldest shush his brother because he heard the squeak of my door.  Excited much?


This is the first pic I took of Michael's surprise coming out of his room. As you can see he was moving fast.  It is our tradition to hide chocolate foiled eggs, or rather the Easter bunny does. So it's always a dazzling site to see all those brightly colored foiled eggs "hidden" about. 

This year I painted some hollow, wooden eggs to fill our baskets.  So the eve before I had the boys hide 8 wooden eggs around the house.  We left a note for the Easter bunny inviting him to have an Easter egg hunt of his own and find the wooden eggs.  We hoped he might fill them up, but we didn't ask of course, that would be impolite.  I kept 2 of the wooden eggs and filled them with a special MamaWestWind bunny, from their Mama with love.

The first thing they spotted at their places at the breakfast table were some child-sized Bolga baskets from Cedar Ring Circle.  Inside was their special bunny doll filled egg.

This year the Easter Bunny found some pretty awesome Mama makers to trade with and buy from.
The boys were especially excited about their adorable knit toadstool necklaces.  The little cap can be raised to find a tube of Burt's Bees chap-stick. Plus we found that the Easter Bunny did fill those wooden eggs with candy & bubble gum and hid them with their Easter baskets.  He did enjoy his hunt and left a drawn picture of himself on our note!

After a spot of breakfast & later a second breakfast of sweet rolls the boys spent all morning playing with their Mama made bunnies at their tree house. 


I was so surprised that the bunny dolls seemed the hit of the day, besides the chocolate of course.  I figured since they had seen me making them for my shop, they would be old news. But no, they really seem to treasure them.  Warms this Mama's heart! 

The rest of the day was filled with good food and family.  I hope you had a lovey Easter too! 

Until next time...


  1. Beautiful boys. Beautiful bunnies. And I want to play with that treehouse!

  2. Love the Easter treasures!!!! Wherever did you find wooden hollow eggs?!

    1. Through this shop.!nesting-dolls-and-more/czwh

      They are really beautifully made, Russian. :)


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