Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day friends!  How are you celebrating Earth Day?  I love this post from the Wonder of Childhood about how every day is Earth Day!

We have been busy, busy working on plans for our fairy garden.  And we'll be looking for plants for it and for our vegetable garden today at our local Earth Day Festival!

In honor of Earth Day I have a fantastic sale going on at my MamaWestWind shop.  The sale will be going on until next Saturday.  Please come over and check it out! No coupon codes necessary.

Oh and I have to share these beautiful photos taken by my friend Jacque.  She is an awesome photographer and she's written a lovely post featuring two of my dolls.  Please visit her blog here

Have a beautiful Earth Day!  


  1. I love your little Earth Day dolls! They are so sweet.....and I love that they have a little traveling home to accompany their child in! Great pics of your Bunny dolls, too! Happy Earth Day, friend! Have fun celebrating and wishing you great finds for your veggie and faerie gardens xoxo

  2. I love all the little sweet dolls you've been making! I'm trying to find my little stash of peg clothespins to make a few faeries with my girls. :)



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