Friday, April 16, 2010

Play Capes!

Awhile ago I had sewn four play capes out of old torn bed sheets. I made two toddler size and two big boy size for my little ones and their friends to play. They've been finished for months and were happily being played with in their plain states but I really wanted to dye them.

Michael said he wanted his blue.  I didn't think I had anything in the house to dye them blue. So, I thought I'd have to wait until we could get to the store.  But then a happy accident!  Paper Easter basket grass had gotten wet on the counter and stained it blue.  So, I tried it.  I added a few teaspoons of vinegar and soaked them in a heated pot (on low) for a couple of hours and I love how they came out!

They are washed out looking in spots and purple in some areas.  I love this blue and Michael was thrilled.

I used turmeric to dye the other two capes yellow using the same process & here's the dress up area in the playroom. There are two velvet capes (from last Halloween) that I re-purposed from a pair of pants and an old shirt and at the top a Birthday crown and two gnome caps.  Michael LOVES this vintage suitcase Gramma gave us and he keeps a rotating stock of sunglasses, a couple of hats and a Spiderman costume or two.

I love dress-up play.  It's so much fun!


  1. What a fun project! The blue is beautiful too. Now I wish we had Easter grass. :)

  2. How clever and lovely too! And useful. Thank you for sharing this inspiring idea. Now where is that easter grass...

  3. You did a lovely job! They look fantastic :D How much fun the kids will have with them!

  4. Wow, I am suprized at how well the color came through. Beautiful work.

  5. How resourceful you are Becca!!!! The dyeing came out great, I too am surprised.


  6. Thanks all! I too was surprised at how bright they came out.


  7. What vibrant colors! It's always fun to use natural dyes and also leftover chemical dyes and see what happens. Great post.

  8. Next time I would add way more vinegar- maybe a cup or so. And let them sit outside in the sun to soak up the color. They've faded a bit.


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